Special Hazards Systems

A special hazards system emitting retardant in Wyoming.

Special hazards systems for sensitive areas

Special hazards systems are utilized to detect and extinguish dangerous situations in areas where standard fire suppression systems are not acceptable or inadequate.

Special hazards systems can be utilized to protect sensitive and valuable environments such as servers and clean rooms, electrical rooms, and aircraft hangars. All West Fire & Security is capable of installing a full range of special hazards systems. Contact us for information on the special hazards systems we install.

Repair - Design - Install

If you are managing a construction or a remodeling project, All West Fire & Security will ensure all your fire protection systems meet all life safety code requirements per manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction. We will help you through the process. From start to finish, we design and install systems in condominiums, schools, offices and warehouses. If you need repair work, from replacing recalled sprinkler heads to fixing leaking valves we provide quick and efficient service.

Contact us today to have an All West Fire & Security specialist perform a no-obligation assessment of your facility.