Smart Home Automation

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Tap in to high tech security and functionality within your home

A smart home automation system will monitor and control home features like alarm systems, lighting, heating and cooling, home theater, multi-room audio and appliances. In fact, connecting all the technology in your home is now possible.

Even for folks who are not very tech savvy, an iPad style navigation system can easily be set-up and put all your home controls on one easy place. Having one system for all your media control is the main reason people are turning to smart home automation. It can also allow you to check into the interior of your home or even lock exterior doors while you are away.

Another great feature of this one control unit system is having all your current technology brands work together. Today people will have a variety of brands throughout the home from Alexa to ROKU and getting them to all work together is no longer a challenge. One system can speak to all your products throughout the home. All of this can be done with voice commands too. Voice interaction with your smart home becomes natural and effortless.

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If you are managing a construction or a remodeling project, All West Fire & Security will ensure all your fire protection systems meet all life safety code requirements per manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction. We will help you through the process. From start to finish, we design and install systems in condominiums, schools, offices and warehouses. If you need repair work, from replacing recalled sprinkler heads to fixing leaking valves we provide quick and efficient service.

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