Fire Pumps

Fire sprinkler systems sometimes need a pressure boost from a fire pump, like the one shown in Wyoming.

A Fire Pump Can Boost Fire Sprinkler Pressure

In areas where infrastructure is not adequate to meet the water requirements of a commercial fire sprinkler system, a fire pump can be the solution. All West Fire & Security can design and install a fire pump to provide the water your fire sprinkler system needs. If water cannot be provided by your local water agency, we can help you choose a water-holding tank that is the correct size for your fire pump and fire sprinkler system. Over the years, we have installed fire pumps of all sizes to protect every type of facility.

Repair - Design - Install

We design, install and repair fire protection & security systems in homes, condominiums, schools, offices, warehouses and more. If you’re managing a construction project, we can ensure your fire protection system meets all safety code requirements. Contact us today to have an All West Fire & Security specialist perform a no-obligation assessment of your property.