Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Sprinkler system spraying water in Wyoming.
Sprinkler system regulators. All West installs these in Wyoming.

A fire sprinkler system customized to your build

When properly installed and maintained, an automatic fire sprinkler system provides 24-hour fire protection.

The sprinkler system activates and releases a water spray in the area of the fire, suppressing and often extinguishing the fire until additional help arrives. Well maintained fire sprinkler systems are highly reliable and protect people as well as property.

PEACE OF MIND – As your full-service fire protection partner, All West Fire & Security professionally trained technicians can install, test, inspect, maintain, and repair your automatic fire sprinkler system. With All West Fire & Security, you can have complete confidence that your system will work properly when needed.

All West Fire & Security custom fire sprinkler systems are designed for each particular facility and are built to meet or exceed fire codes and insurance requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians can furnish, install, inspect, repair and service the following equipment:

  • Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Dry-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Antifreeze Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Standpipe Systems
  • Fire Pumps
  • Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • FM 200 Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

Repair - Design - Install

If you are managing a construction or a remodeling project, All West Fire & Security will ensure all your fire protection systems meet all life safety code requirements per manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction. We will help you through the process. From start to finish, we design and install systems in condominiums, schools, offices and warehouses. If you need repair work, from replacing recalled sprinkler heads to fixing leaking valves we provide quick and efficient service.

Contact us today to have an All West Fire & Security specialist perform a no-obligation assessment of your facility.