Compliance Information


The Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority and the City of Prescott Fire Department have  implemented a new “Compliance Engine”. As part of our commitment to fire safety and compliance with local regulations, we are obligate by law to submit the inspection report for your facility to this new designated compliance engine. This new process requires all compliant and non-compliant fire protection systems test reports to be submitted electronically to the Central Arizona Fire & Medical Authority and City of Prescott Fire Department via The Compliance Engine’s online system at

The purpose of the compliance engine is to serve as a platform that facilitates the inspection process and ensure adherence to fire codes, regulations, and safety standards. It is essential to note that our role in this process is solely to conduct the inspection and generate a report.

As a trusted fire protection service provider, we handle all the necessary steps to ensure that your fire protection system is in compliance. Upon completion of the inspection, our technician will review any deficiencies identified during the inspection. You will also receive a copy of the inspection report once our office has reviewed the report for any clerical errors.



Understanding Your Role and Responding to Identified Deficiencies

We encourage you to review the inspection report carefully and take appropriate action to rectify the identified deficiencies within the specified timeframe. We want to emphasize that we do not proceed with fixing any identified deficiencies without obtaining your prior approval. Your consent is vital to ensure transparency and provide you with the opportunity to assess the situation and make informed decisions. If you would like All West Fire & Security to provide pricing to address identified deficiencies, please be sure to let us know and we will do our best to provide pricing in a timely manner.



Maintaining a Safe and Compliant Environment: Our Commitment and Support

We want to emphasize our commitment to providing you with a seamless experience and ensuring that your fire protection needs are fully taken care of. Our primary objective is to work together in maintaining a safe and compliant environment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the inspection process, the compliance engine, or the inspection report addressing deficiencies, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary clarification or guidance.


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